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Monkey Donky Speelhuis was founded over 25 years ago. Time flies when you’re having fun! To play, to discover ánd to grow: that is what our daycare organisation is all about. Come on in and find out!

Play stimulates a child’s creativity and imagination, and allows it to explore social and personal connections at the same time. We therefore consider creativity a very important foundation for a child’s growth and development. We offer children all the space they need. They can follow their own impulses and interests, allowing them to muster up their own solutions. Because after all, there’s no greater feeling than inventing the wheel all by yourself! Play encourages children to discover even more about not only themselves but also their (social) environment. What better place to do that than at our daycare? 


Monkey Donky Speelhuis is a professional and experienced daycare organisation, where we focus on both you and your child(ren). With five locations in the city of Groningen, and two locations of our sister-organisation Het Toddlers Huis, there’s always a place nearby your home or work place. All locations have their own charm and appeal and offer a great variety in toys and colourful play corners, as well as quiet, cosy corners where children may withdraw with a book or puzzle. Additionally, our locations Hamburgerstraat and Oosterhamrikkade provide a large indoor playground with a ball pit, trampolines and slides.

Monkey Donky Speelhuis provides daycare for children ranging from 3 months to 4 years old, and after school care for children from 4 up to 12 years old. For toddlers between 2 and 4, we also offer ‘peuteropvang‘ three mornings a week. Both kids and parents benefit from continuity, and therefore each group has a permanent team of carers. These familiar faces will welcome you every morning and make sure that you child has a great day!

Didactic vision


The carers work on a trusting relationship with a child by means of a positive approach based on respect and consistent behaviour. Respect for each other means that we accept each other just as we are. The carers’ behaviour plays a major role in developing respect for one another. Our team provides direction and, whenever necessary, promotes self-reflection of the children’s behaviour.

Positive approach

The team considers what a child is able and willing to do. We base our assessment on the child’s abilities. We encourage children by giving them a compliment or a pat on the back. When a child displays challenging behaviour, the staff will impose managed boundaries.


Monkey Donky Speelhuis operates with qualified team members. They are involved with the children by demonstrating sympathetic and caring attention. They show that they are available for the children. This is expressed by means of an open and accessible attitude, and by providing the children with a warm atmosphere and safe environment. We strive to always help your child feel welcome.


We offer the children structure by sticking to a fixed daily routine, fixed routines for coming and going, and also by imposing boundaries. Structure is a tool to create a good and safe atmosphere, wherein each child can grow and prosper.

Feel free to visit our daycare Groningen!

We happily provide you with a tour and tell you about our daycare. We can understand you first wish to see Monkey Donky Speelhuis and see how we work, before you enroll your child(ren).

We can tell you about how our daycare works, how we care for your child, the daily schedules, the sleeping facilities, where the children play and, if applicable, who picks your child up from school. Just ask and we will answer any questions you might have.

Opening hours

Our daycare is opened Monday to Friday from 07.00 am to 6.30 pm. On official holidays, Monkey Donky Speelhuis remains closed.

Flexible arrangements

We fully understand that it isn’t alway possible to determine beforehand on which days you require daycare. Especially if you work flexible hours.

That is why we offer both flexible and fixed contracts. Flexible contracts allow you to pick and choose particular (parts of) days. Please keep in mind that the availability of flexible contracts is limited.

Exchanging childcare days

Exchanging childcare days is an extra service that our organisation provides to our clients. Childcare days that are cancelled via the parent portal at least 24 hours before the start of the childcare day (7:30 am) may be exchanged. You can find our policy for exchanging days here

Payment and compensation

In the Netherlands, everybody who works or studies is eligible for childcare allowance. To receive this allowance, you must submit an application to the Tax Authorities. This can be done digitally or in writing by means of an application form. If you’re an expat coming to Groningen to work, chances are you are eligible for this allowance. We’re happy to help you apply for this so-called ‘kinderopvangtoeslag’! 

For a digital application you will need a DigiD account. If you do not yet have a DigiD account, you can request one at You will receive an activation code at home within five working days after your request. With this code you can activate your DigiD account at Once activated, you can apply for childcare allowance at

If you have any questions or problems with applying for the childcare allowance, please contact our administration, we’re happy to help! 

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