Daycare Groningen – Monkey Donky Speelhuis

Professional daycare in a fun and safe environment, at various locations in the city of Groningen. A place to play, learn and grow.

Daycare Groningen – Monkey Donky Speelhuis

Looking for a professional, fun and nurturing daycare in the city of Groningen? We welcome you at Monkey Donky Speelhuis. Your child’s wellbeing and development is our first priority. We understand the importance of your child’s first years and do everything we can to create a space where your child can discover, play and develop.

Opening hours

Our daycare facilities are open from 07:00 to 18:30 (for weekends and special occasions see ‘Opening Hours’). Because at Monkey Donky we attach great value to the developmental progress of each child, our educational programme offers a wide range of activities designed to stimulate the development of the children. However, at Monkey Donky we always combine education with fun and that makes Monkey Donky a unique place for your child to stay.


Working in a professional manner, we focus on parents and children. We do this from our four locations. These locations are purposely and pleasantly decorated: we offer a great variety of different toys, as well as colourful, quiet, cosy corners where children may withdraw, for instance, with a book. Additionally, our location on the Hamburgerstraat and Oosterhamrikkade boast an indoor playground.
Monkey Donky Speelhuis facilities offer day care for children ranging from 3 months to 12 years of age. There are different groups with a permanent leadership within each group. The leaders will cover for each other during vacation or illness.We strive to create a balance between the younger and older leadership within every group.

Flexible arrangements

We fully understand that it isn’t alway possible to determine beforehand on which days you require daycare. Especially if you work flexible hours.

That is why we offer both flexible and fixed contracts. Flexible contracts allow you to pick and choose particular (parts of the) day. We also offer a zero-hour contract in which you only pay the hours you actually end up using. Please keep in mind that flexible contracts are not available at our Kraneweg location, and availability at location Friesestraatweg is limited.

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